The data is processed and printed. These attributes are not available on a character basis. The printer does not indicate when the buffer is full. Details of all printer options and features will de discussed later in this manual. Unplug the printer 2. Epson supports parallel operation through a parallel to serial interface.

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It is possible to obtain status when off-line by placing the printer in dynamic response mode before the printer goes off-line. The prints dpi at 6 inches.

The power on default is left justified. To control the formation of the barcode, the x and y aspect ratios, rows and columns, and error correction levels can be altered.

The Ithaca thermal receipt printer is the latest in the growing line of Ithaca value printers. Due to space limitations, only 12 characters can be printed.

You will notice that none of the indicator lights will be on when the printer is in OFF. See “Configuring the Cash Drawer Interface” on page Cash Drawer 1 is always on pin 2.


Up to 19 user-defined characters can be defined. It is not processed ithxca printed.

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The application must make sure that the buffer is not overfilled. A status recoverable error is very similar to a fully-recoverable error. Enable paper error mode operation.

Each character is addressed by an 8-bit value generally referred to as a character code. This command may be configured to be ignored or set inverse print. Packing material may be purchased from TransAct’s Ithaca Facility. The command must be followed by the “End name macro record” command with the same name.

Disk/TRANSACT.INF Driver File Contents (100-06910a.exe)

The printer is connected to a host system with a special serial cable. Other fonts do not contain these characters and will not print correctly. There are other features that may be configurable.

See the descriptions below.

The auto cutter is optional. Press and hold the Feed button. The buffer is not saved into the nonvolatile memory.

Ihhaca are warranted for 90 days from the date of repair or for the ithaxa of the original warranty period, whichever is greater. Where n bits n IPCL xx –xxx 0 1 2 00 01 02 0 16 32 48 00 16 32 48 0 00 64 64 Justified Left Center Right HRI characters Not printed Printed above the bar code Printed below the bar code Printed above and below the bar code Vertical print mode. If an external supply is used, this adjustment will limit the printer to the power indicated.


For this status request to function during a serious error, the “Buffer Full Only” off line option should be selected. It remains in effect until a new table is received or until the printer is power cycled.

Ithaca 610 Printer Drivers

If your floppy is A: The Ithaca is a receipt printer that can print at a speed of 9. These commands do not permanently change the configuration. As an option, the printer is available without a power supply. Vertical dot pitch Operating Temperature Humidity: