The upper level noise fluctuated a little depending on the fasteners we were using and the material we were trying to drive them into. Please read and accept our website Terms and Privacy Policy to post a comment. Download Nulled WordPress Themes. These tools are becoming popular because of their small size and high power. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. Next we took the same fastener and sent it home in the same piece of wood without a pilot hole — and got the same results.

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We did not strip out a single screw head, which anyone who pd40-2a used stainless steel square drive screws knows is not an easy thing to accomplish when using a regular drill.

All noise measurements were taking from three feet away from the impacting end of the tool.

Our site uses cookies. Vokt the box, the tool came neatly packaged within a zippered nylon carry case. More items related to this product.

Bosch PS41-2A 12V Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Review

I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. I agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. We have always found Bosch to have fairly accurate and truthful specs, and this tool continues that trend. Skip to main content. Inpact carry case had heavy elastic and Velcro enclosures to hold the tool and accessories safely in place. Bosch even improved the rubberized grip for better handling.

The 12 V lithium-ion Max batteries used with this cordless impact driver offer extended operation on a single charge. For those worried about the battery life, the 30 minute quick charger helps to eliminate that problem since it will probably be able to charge the batteries faster then you can wear them down. The PSA is an incredible tool that fulfills a myriad of uses. Needless to say, the Impactor drove the fastener in with no trouble at all, all the boosch up to the head.


This is one tool that we think consumers will get a lot of use out of, and its diminutive size means that both consumers impaxt professionals will find it extremely handy to use in cramped quarters where space is at a premium. Just to further push the tool, we figured we had to umpact a few more crazy stunts.

Bosch PSA Impact Driver Review | Pro Tool Reviews

The short depth of the PSA means that you can easily store it in the case impac a standard bit attached. Bosch calls the plastic material used for the exterior body housing Durashield which is made of a flexible ABS and nylon blend that is supposed to help withstand extreme use and abuse.

When we first started with the 12V battery, we were a little on the skeptical side as to how long they would really nosch on a charge and we were pleasantly surprised that we were able to install over a dozen cabinet units including screwing the faces together on a single battery with more battery power left.

It heats up a good amount during extended use, but it also draws that heat from the motor, extending its life and reducing wear and tear. The LED lights came in very handy in this application of the tool because as we were reaching inside the cabinets. Best Impatc in Cordless Drills See all.

The result is a stockier head that sits well-balanced on the handle. On the practical side we really did love the power to size factor.


With several thousand hit or beats per minute, bisch tools make driving screws nearly effortless with almost no fatigue since nearly all the torque is delivered to the fastener and none to the tool operator. It is light in weight making it perfect for a repetitive job that I am doing.

Menu Skip to content. Tom’s specialties are problem-solving and attention to detail—two traits which are apparent each time he tests and reviews power tools. There are a ring of three LED lights that are located on the front of the Impactor that act as a flashlight that evenly lights up around the bit when the trigger is pulled.

The dark blue plastic body is sturdy, and we felt no flexing or looseness. The lid of the case has a clear plastic pocket for the product manuals and other literature.

We chose the spade bit because it takes more effort to make a hole with one then a regular style drill bit. Next we took the same fastener and sent it home in the same piece of wood without a pilot hole — and got the same results. Driver Nice tool Verified purchase: The trouble with this pocket is that there is no way to secure it closed, and every time we moved the case around, the instruction manuals fell out on to the floor.

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