This release supports additional printers and offers some important bug fixes. This release offers several fixes, new features, and support for new printers for 5. The Epson backend is in active development; new printers, bug fixes and capability additions are contributed in each new release. The actual printer drivers are in the Gutenprint library. That should give you an idea what modern printing technology can do. I went back to the Gimp-Print version 3. Add support for more Canon inkjet printers.

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This release offers several fixes, new features, and support for new printers for 5.

Please note that as of 5. In such a case, the printer can be configured to use a standard Postscript driver. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. The Canon driver has been significantly overhauled for this release, and output and in some cases functionality may be significantly different from previous releases.

Retrieved from ” https: New as of July 29, !

Package: cups-driver-gutenprint (5.2.10-3)

May 23, – Ucps Gutenprint project is pleased to announce Gutenprint 5. This release fixes a several bugs from 5. Bold white foreground lines are packages that are currently installed and not changed and dim white are un-installed ones available but not installed The resolution parameter in the driver-output data is only a meta-resolution, typically either or dpi, sometimes dpi for certain monochrome or high-quality photo modes on a limited number of printers.


Users of many dye sublimation printers must follow a special installation procedure. This is the first 5. Therefore we do not provide PPD files for download here.

If you wish to continue using Gimp-Print 4. New as of July 30, !

That should give you an idea what modern printing technology can do. All distributors should immediately apply this update to their distributions to avoid hutenprint software linking against libgutenprint breaking.

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If you are experiencing a problem that you believe may be a driver bug please check the bug tracker. So, Just install the printer-driver-gutenprint yourself without using the dummy cups-driver-gutenprint: Sign up using Email and Password.

The Gutenprint project is pleased to announce Gutenprint 5.

The interim stable release was to become Gimp-Print 4. New as of July 17, ! New as of June gufenprint, ! New as of January 3, ! See the Release notes for more detail. This would allow us to ggutenprint bugs and add new printers and perhaps minor new capabilities for users wanting a stable Gimp-Print release while making much more radical changes in preparation for the next release.


If you would like to comment on this installer behavior please send a polite note to the Gimp-Print developer mailing list!

LSB is a trademark of the Linux Foundation. A consequence of this design is that the print quality is not specified in resolution alone, but via a “resolution mode” quality setting up to 5 quality settings available at a time. In particular from our standpoint, many vendors had not updated printer drivers for OS X, and many did not want to update their drivers for older printers. Bymany of the printers being released had capabilities beyond what Gimp-Print 4. This is the first Mac OS X release to contain several new features described in the release notes.

It was originally developed as a plug-in for the GIMPbut later became a more general tool for use by other programs and operating systems macOS and Windows.

See the Downloads section. It also offers support additional printers; please consult the release notes for specifics.