Huawei M Android Version 2. This policy setting allows you to specify a list of device setup class globally unique identifiers GUIDs for device drivers that Windows is prevented from installing. What type of antivirus you are using? Everything is running smoothly. I simply cannot navigate anywhere on the computer until about 90 seconds after enabling tethering on the phone, and the problem ONLY occurs on Windows. It will automatically recognize Windows 10 or any other version of Windows system and find the correct drivers for it.

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Error code 10 occurd. This actually causes a whole host of severe problems with applications such as the built-in Control Panel applet “Network Connections”, which takes a very long time to load, but some people never use that app so they’d have no idea that it’s a problem. We’re optimistic to get another webex going this week with the Novatel Engineers to see if anything can be done or if we can get further on it.

Recently a user unplugged their tetherr PC from the network and used USB tethering with their Android phone to bypass the company network entirely and access the internet. Its fake Its not works Its ask again and again for install tefher. This solution could be easy in a small network, but very difficult to implement in large network.


This policy setting takes precedence over any other policy setting that allows Windows to install a device.

How to install Microsoft RNDIS driver for Windows 7

This applies to me, in this case, as UpperFilters and LowerFilters is hether present under the registry keys. If you enable this policy setting, Windows is prevented from installing or updating device drivers whose device setup class GUIDs appear in the list you create. Selecting this rule prevents users from using AirDrop to share data with other devices.

For the proxy solution, no the configuration should be done so Internet access pass trough the proxy and proxy not available means no Internet. Of course this doesn’t prevent just unplugging the ethernet cable and plugging it into a bridge device using the phone’s tethering.

Fndis driver should be supplied by HW vendor. For the second solution, see my edit in my answer.

We are using TrendMicro, and I think that the particular version that we are using doesn’t frree us to do this. After that, restart everything and reconnect phone cable again.

[SOLVED] USB Tethering – Missing RNDIS Driver

Result is that if you’re in the tech half of said company, you generally have a running battle with IT to be able to do something useful in your job. OnePlus 6T mod lets you customize the fingerprint scanner icon [Root] December 26, In Kaspersky antivirus you can define trusted and local networks.

I rndid never seen this pose a problem to games, though.


I have KSC and i can manage centralized all computer. Wait for a while, Microsoft will install the driver for you. This can be done at low cost using free open source solutions anyway you should have a monitoring in your network!

Everyone, Seems tethering is not giving a proper solution. It would be nice to have a system-wide solution e.

I had a webex this morning with Novatel, the device manufacturer to review the problem. I have subscribed to this thread and pinged some resources to help. Actually, please explain it.

You can use Group Policy to prevent the installation of new network devices. I plug the MiFi in via usb.

USB Tethering on Windows 10 Easily!

We could try to download the compatible driver from the Verizon website them install again to have a test. Can you all specify your problems one by one here at http: On Linux it’s fine. Using policy settings here, you can either create a whitelist which you seem to not want or a blacklist, either of individual devices or entire classes of devices such as network adapters. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Yes, I am bitter from several of these battles: