The HBAs connected to a single storage array are the same model. Jonny Tobiasen on Mar 13, This is the normal mode for IBM arrays. To show all attached and discovered volumes, type the following command and press Enter. To verify the driver is installed, use the following command:. How can I see if volumes have been added? Troubleshoots a feature or changes a configuration setting.

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The host numbers assigned by the Linux middle layer start from 0. For the Linux OS, change the following file to add the storage array user label and its virtual target ID.

Any changes to the settings take effect on the next reboot of the host. Unit Attention retry count exceeded. The file is named mpp- uname -r. The interval, in seconds, during which the failover driver will check for these conditions:. I got this strange error message in xensource. Radc of these values are overridden by the failover installer for Linux.

Discovered device is not a storage array. The following sample output shows QLogic drivers in bold text:. The revised module and initrd names are shown in rdqc text. The lsdev utility provides a map of your array LUNs to their Linux block devices. Close failed on virtual bus node.


Has anyone solved the problem by removing linuxrdac like Tobias wrote?

Error trying to create virtual target. Emulex Corporation – tech. Caution – Possible loss of data access–If you change these settings from their configured values, you might lose access to the storage array. Unrecognizable sense key received. Error trying to insert a new volume. The failover driver has five error levels for messages that are logged to the Linux OS error log:.

My iscsi storages were attched successfully and pmp system worked fine until I patched the servers.

You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. The base HBA driver is installed and built. What must I do after applying a kernel update? The interval, in seconds, during which the failover driver will check for these conditions: This option only works if the RDAC driver has been compiled with debugging enabled. With the failover driver, two cases determine if a path has failed:. Now I have to deactivate the storage acces for each sr, reboot all servers, and then I’ll try to reconnect the SRs.


Volume number exceeds the maximum configured volume number.

[dm-devel] Multipath setup and rdac questions

To make sure that the RDAC driver has found the available storage arrays and created virtual storage arrays for them, type the following commands, fdac press Enter after each command. Sign In feature is currently unavailable and you will not be able to post new content.

Make sure the kernel source tree is installed for the kernel version to be built against.

To verify the driver is installed, use the following command:. Setting OS Default Value.

[dm-devel] Multipath setup and rdac questions

You ofcoz need at least two HBA for each physical server for multipath to work. Hi Corin, thanks for your reply. The rac and kernel source for the appropriate OS are installed.