Until recently, the driver conveniently offered a midi mapper in a separate tab “Advanced” which allowed you to change the midi output device. WORP3 redesigned the hardware but also the software has gotten a complete overhaul with much more tweaks due to faster hardware. Modulon — first batch is sold out. I start becoming afraid of these major OS overhauls which tend to rather cut out good features instead of adding useful ones I really hope these problem will be fixed in future versions. So, filling in our order form secures your place on our reservation list.

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I would consider this bug closed.

supersoniqs | supersoniqs

Is mudlord aware of this and can he do anything to restore all VST driver features for Win 10 users? I hate being punished for using latest OS, and I also feel sorry for you guys who write these awesome drivers and software for us retro enthusiasts.

This has proven more difficult than expected because we use a lot of parts that are obsolete mudlrod quite some time.

It likes to stall the output, which would stall playback completely while the player waits for a free buffer to output more sound. Further reading, viewing and mudlotd If that fails to open, likely in the event that the user does not have XAudio2 installed which requires the DirectX runtime to be installed on Windows 7 and older systemsthen it will fall back on DirectSound.


Hopefully we got more news soon. So, thus, a system notification callback, and I tear it down myself. Users browsing this forum: The first prototypes are being send to developers and we are already busy to test the hardware together and yes some bugs needs to be addressed before we can go to production. RichNagel on MS is going down the wrong path with removing the midi mapper completely.

On Vista and up, it vs then attempt to open DirectSound using a floating point sample format. However, finding the parts is difficult and we are busy with a new project. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. March 25, – We have no estimate yet when this product will be available.

My X-Fi hardware synth and sfz software synth when set to high quality have no audible aliasing when using the same soundfont. I ended up getting an yamaha MX49 which is pretty good.

MIDI-PAC2 without MIDI synth hardware

But of course the main fact that it was backwards compatible with our MSX PSG made us thinking why not release a cartridge with this soundchip? I wish they would jsut make another sound card already. That includes worldwide shipping unregistered by letter mail. We are investigating to reproduce the Philips NMS cartridge casing with injection moulding.


Nope, no free notification of sound device error in that case. Franky Cartridge Casing 3D model.

The two not working players are both x64 while VanBasco is x Link to zip file containing the stl files. That probably explains it. I then tried going ahead and installing v3.

Link to the cartridge enclosure file for 3D printing. We might produce some new boards in cooperation with MVM.

Have fun with it. But we are getting there and we hope to run a new batch later this year.

I just hope that the Coolsoft solution won’t stop working after the imminent April update for Win Current policy is that we will not ask money beforehand until we know for sure we can deliver your item within a few weeks. Thanks for the detailed info, Kode54 Hehe, even as a non-coder, I understood your detailed explaination fully BTW, one last little question: